Soft Leave

Negotiate your departure


With 10 years of expertise, NegoAndCo has become a recognized expert in the field

Whether you decide to leave your company for voluntary or involuntary reasons, we will help you to negotiate and optimize the conditions of your departure.

Our experts can help you if :

  1. You never negotiated a job dismissal situation before ;
  2. Your company does not want to negotiate;
  3. You want to negotiate a French 'Rupture Conventionnelle' (mutual agreement to leave your existing job)
  4. You have a new job but you would like to negotiate a leaving package;
  5. You are close to retirement and want to negotiate your departure;
  6. You feel side lined and are not advancing in your career ;
  7. You would like to leave to build your own business
  8. Your role has been reduced following the setup of the new management structure. ;
  9. You are returning from an expatriation contract   ;
  10. There is a redundancy opportunity in your business;
  11. Your company has been purchased.

Our solution?

If you are in this situation, our SOFT LEAVE © offer is for you. So, place the odds in your favour. 

Ps: All the implications of the negotiations, subject to our advice, are legally validated..