To Leave Or To Wait: What Future For Bankers?

Banks are currently going through rounds of layoffs and RIF (Reduction In Workforce). The future is clearly not about finding a job in the banking sector. The problem is that for bankers who have spent almost their entire career in the banking industry, the possibility of finding a job in another bank is almost none. So what to do?

Conference "Learn to negotiate your hiring or leaving contract with your company"

Thursday, December 11 from 18:30 to 19:30 at the Hotel Mercure Nantes Centre Gare, informal meeting on the topic: "Learn to negotiate your hiring or firing"

An increased time period to 6 months before being able to receive French unemployment benefits, a non-issue for executives?

carence assedic
Since July 1, unemployment benefits in France will only start to be received after a period of 6 months, in contrast to a previous time period of 2 ½ months. (this is not applicable in situations of unemployment due to a company's financial situation)

Paris industrial tribunal (Prud'hommes), up to 27 months of proceedings

While the Minister for the Economy plans to reform the judicial system to more effectively adjudicate disputes between employers and employees, investigated the matter on the ground. Eloquent.

Conference at ISG: Negotiating with your boss

negocier avec son n+1
In the current rapidly changing corporate environment, negotiations with your boss are very important.