10 reasons why you should trust us

1. Created in 2004, NegoAndCo has over 15 years of proven experience. 

2. Many Executives have been using our totally confidential and highly specialized services.

3. Our proprietary methods are based on the personal experiences of our the founder.

4. NegoAndCo aims to address the imbalance of power between executives and companies. We ensure, via a negotiation process, that employees receive fair treatment and compensation, as this need is often poorly covered  by the current legal framework.

5. NegoAndCo has been ISQ / OPQCM qualified since 2009, which reflects the quality of its consulting services. This qualification also reflects our confidentiality and liability.

6. NegoAndCo consultants have all personally experienced situations of job dismissal with their employer and therefore have first-hand knowledge of these types of situations.

7. Each NegoAndCo consultant is trained to use our proprietary method, which has a stellar track record. Our approach allows us to achieve successful negotiations and always avoid litigation.

8. NegoAndCo was recognized by the French Ministry of Research in 2008 for its expertise on negotiations. 

9. Each consultant has a specialty, which allows our clients to be absolutely confident that they are receiving the best advice from an expert who completely understands their needs and concerns.

10. Our international footprint keeps growing: We are increasingly serving more and more customers in countries all over the world.