Job dismissal negotiation

Négocation de départ
A practical guide containing the basics of negotiations adapted to specific professional situations - Editions Eyrolles


  • A book which examines the different aspects of negotiation- technical, strategic, economic and human - which need to be understood by all parties involved in the negotiations.
  • Tools to forecast and understand how companies behave and how to find the best solutions.
  • A book to read in the context of the new French law for job protection (réforme de sécurisation de l'emploi)




Full summary

extrait livre The basic principles of successful negotiation

  • Negotiation in general
  • Focus on negotiating job departure

The 10 major impacts of the new law

  • What does the new law mean?
  • The ten impacts
  • The case of Pierre, the future nightmares of an employee?

The ten most common situations

  • I have never negotiated my departure
  • My company refuses to negotiate
  • Contractual termination
  • I have a new job but I do not want to leave without any compensation
  • I am close to retirement
  • I am side-lined and my career is not going anywhere
  • I want to leave to create my own business
  • I have a reduced role   in the  new management structure
  • I am returning from an expatriation contract 
  • There are redundancy opportunities in my business

The toolbox to help you succeed in negotiation

  • Forty ideas for negotiating your departure
  • The twenty mistakes you should not commit
  • Why you should never resign?
  • How much can I claim?
  • Stress management
  • The taxation of compensation (2013 Finance Act)
  • Annex

Some free extracts from NegoAndCo's book

To all readers and future readers of the book "Négociation de Départ", you can find some helpful tips and advice to download (in French).

The toolbox to help you succeed in negotiation

>> Download "40 myths about starting job negotiations

When negotiating, too many preconceived ideas may lead to you making erroneous decisions. We will introduce them to you and discuss them one by one! While some may seem simple, others may not be so straightforward

>> Download "Stress Management"

It is crucial to prepare psychologically before beginning negotiations, so that you are able to cope well with emotional stress and difficult situations.  The items below are not intended to serve as a psychology textbook or a course on neurolinguistic programming. It is  to provide you with ideas and discussion points based on various experiences of negotiation.

>> Download "20 mistakes not to make"

Negotiation is a combat sport that is practiced with words!  If you avoid making mistakes, you dramatically increase your chances of a successful resolution.  We make mistakes for a number of reasons and unfortunately some errors lead systematically to the breakdown or even rupture in negotiations.



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