The management team

  • Thierry Krief, CEO and founder of NegoAndCo
  • Stéphane Duchanaud, Business franchise developper for North America
  • Pierre Gatiniol, Director


Thierry KRIEF, CEO and Founder of NegoAndCo


I am a professional negotiator. My expertise allows my customers to obtain the best financial conditions during their  negotiations.

I am President and CEO of NegoAndCo, which I created in 2004, a consulting firm specialized in corporate negotiations. Our mission is to help and coach executives through their exit and/or hiring negotiations. Part of our mission is to also  offer career advising. Our customers are individual employees, not companies.

In 2006, NegoAndCo was awarded the Jeune Entreprise Innovante award (Young Innovative Company) by the French  Ministry of Research, for the development of its unique and innovative methods in corporate negotiations.

Before creating NegoAndCo, I have had a rich and international corporate career : first in finance, as Portfolio Manager, Project Manager, then Head of International Growth. Then, I moved to IT, where I worked as Head of Sales then Europe CEO.

Since 2013, I have been teaching my negotiation techniques at the prestigious French Ecole Polytechnique, as well as more recently HEC Business School in Paris.

. I created 2 online courses and wrote 3 books on corporate negotiations.
. I have been chosen by the French Ministry of Defense to train General Officers to my negotiation techniques for their reconversion to civilian life (MIRVOG).
. I assist with the “Common Training in Collective Negotiations”, for the French National Institute of Labor (INTEFP).
. I often help with my expertise in negotiation for professional groups such as Medef, Réseau Daubigny...
. I am being interviewed on a regular basis on internet channels as well as by major management magazines (I was on the front cover of Challenge magazine in 2018).
. Finally, for several years, I was hosting a show centered on HR themes on radio France Info.


  • Executive MBA from ESCP-Europe
  • Qualification in Law (as ancillary to the main business) from the "Chambre Ingénierie et Conseil de France" 
  • Master II in Finance from Paris X Nanterre
  • Master I Taxation from Paris IX Dauphine


Stéphane DUCHANAUD, Business franchise developper for North America

20191024_132743 I recently joined NegoAndCo, in charge of developing the business franchise in North America.

NegoAndCo is a consulting firm created in 2004 that specializes in corporate negotiation. Our mission is to help and    coach executives through their exit and/or hiring negotiations. Part of our mission is to also offer career advising. Our  customers are individual employees, not companies.

We will accompany you, coach you, advise you and support you in any major negotiation event that you're going    through with your firm.

Before joining NegoAndCo, I spent 22 years in New York working in banking, holding several front office positions  (trading  and structuring) across the   Capital Market unit of a major French bank. In 2019, I hired NegoAndCo to help and support me in my negotiations with my firm, as I knew it was time to look for a new and alternative life to banking.


In retrospect, this turned out to be one of the best personal and professional decision I have ever made. After a long career, these are extremely difficult times to go through. Having highly trained professionals assisting and coaching you, and that you can fully trust and rely on, is absolutely key to a successful exit.


Pierre GATINIOL, Director in charge of consulting

Pierre GatiniolHe began his professional career in the family business. Under his direction, the company expanded, innovated and  flourished for over 20 years. The company then merged with a major regional group.

He moved into the joint roles of deputy site director and purchasing director which needed strong commercial  negotiation skills. He was also in charge of the recruitment and HR policies.

This enabled him to develop strong management experience across different business departments, particularly in HR.  His knowledge of the business requirements of a company, as well as his role as a senior executive in a large    company structure, enabled him to understand and grasp the broader issues which senior managers experience .

He is an active member of the Lions Club International, which is a voluntary association supporting local communities.