monter son entreprise

Our philosophy

In today’s world, to successfully grow and outperform the competition, a company needs to perform frequent structural reorganisations.

To do this, it needs to frequently adjust its production criterias, which include men and women within the company. If a company does not restructure itself, it may lose market shares and ultimately find itself in economic difficulties, which would result in job losses.

Regardless, decisions regarding the company's future direction cannot be made without consideration of the its employees.

When a firm needs to go through a reorganization, the human factor is of course important, but only to a certain degree. The law seldom protects employees in the treatment of their severance packages, especially in the NY-NJ-CT tri state area that all have “employment at will” status.

Our objective is to restore the relationship between Senior Managers/Executives and their companies, to ensure that they have the right leverage to negotiate the best possible exit conditions.

Our business is to help and support employees who are undergoing job dismissal situations, with our unique and proprietary.  This gives them additional security and confidence when finding future roles.