You take the initiative to ...

You have a new job and do not want to go without anything

Some employees who feel bad about their business or want to move to another company spontaneously give their resignation.

You have no perspectives anymore

You work in your company for many years and results have always been satisfactory.

You want to negotiate a conventional rupture

Weary feeling, like having toured your job, setting up a new organization that does not suit you, will seek a job elsewhere without resign ...

You want to resign

You intend to hand in your resignation because you are in one of the following cases

You're entering a business project

The desire to undertake may seize all of us whenever we feel the desire to gain more independence, income, freedom of action and creativity.

Prepare for retirement

They come from large groups such as SMEs, many senior executives who are facing progressive placardisation late career.

Back in France after expatriation

The situation can manifest itself in several ways: