You are pressurize into ...

It offers a Conventional Out

Your company has to offer a conventional termination.

It removes you responsibilities

Gradually, reorganization of reorganization, or suddenly following a new organization, you lose a lot of responsibilities within the company for reasons you do not understand.

It requires you a new hierarchical level

While you can get good results in your responsibilities and tasks, you can witness the arrival of a new management layer that stands between you and your boss (do).

There is a Social Plan in my business

This question may seem an aberration in an environment where employees are fighting to keep their jobs and where unemployment is growing.

You are asked to leave

Your employer has to give you more or less officially it would be good that you leave the company.

You are sidelined

For some time, the company keeps you away from all the new missions or will not give you no mission to perform.

You're fired

You have been dismissed (e) by the company