Our Soft Leave package © helps you to negotiate a successful leaving package

Soft Leave

Do you want or have to leave your job? Either voluntarily or involuntarily? 

We will help you to successfully negotiate the conditions of your departure.

Our Soft Leave package is for you.

Our offer includes :

Soft Leave

  • Strategic and tactical analysis including all aspects of your professional career;
  • Identifying your leverage points ;
  • Defining a negotiation strategy and highlighting the key influencing factors;
  • Defining an action plan ;
  • Support in implementing a negotiation strategy with the company and ensuring you are empowered during the discussion process;
  • The negotiation of the financial package;
  • Review and finalisation of your contract agreement;
  • Support and guidance all the way through to the receipt of your financial compensation.

Our approach is proactive and personalised. It includes psychological counselling to support you during this sometimes difficult process.

We provide our expertise in negotiation by ensuring that the package agreed meets all your objectives.

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