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You are employed, and yet dream of becoming your own boss?

The Adventures of Alain and Laurent might interest you !  
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Many of our clients, executives and directors have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. NegoAndCo, in collaboration with the consulting company,  Dirigeants et Mobili offers a package called Leave & Start ©.

Leave & Start © includes three levels: 

1. Validation and / or preparation of the business plan

Leave And StartThe Leave & Start consultant © works with budding entrepreneurs to help them define and optimise their business strategy, with the aim of ensuring their new business is successful

2. Amicable negotiation of your departure from the company

Once your plan is validated, you can focus on negotiating your departure. Our consultant will support and guide you during your negotiations up to the receipt of your compensation package. This negotiation give you financial security while launching your business projects.

3. Support for entrepreneurial success

 You have successfully negotiated your departure. In this instance, the Leave & Start © consultant works with you to launch your company on the market place. . He will support you with the operational and strategic decision making process for company set up. 

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