You have found a job that really interests you and you want to negotiate the joining contract.

Get The MaxNegoAndCo guides you with:

  • Matching your profile with the company requirements and highlighting your value to the business during the negotiations;
  • Highlighting your individual skills and capabilities in order to distinguish you from the other competitors;
  • Identifying your leverage points and strengths for the negotiations so that you obtain the best possible contract terms;
  • Identifying the visible or implicit risks associated with the role as well as providing guidance in how to reduce these risks;
  •  Ensuring you have all the necessary guidance to negotiate the best possible contract terms;
  • Help you answer the difficult question " How much do you want ?" or "What do you want ?" "
  • Support you with discussing various different scenarios in order to optimize the conditions of your hiring
  • Support you in managing your profile and financial situation  while transitioning from your previous employer
  • Analyse whether the conditions are ideal for you to go through job departure negotiations with your current employer as opposed to simply handing in your resignation;
  • We can define the strategy to be implemented in order to give you the best negotiation terms possible.


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