The Get & Leave offer includes two or three different options :

1. Support in finding a new job 

Get and LeaveThe Get & Leave © consultant who is specialised in career management will support you in assessing your employability.

Then, he will guide you during your pre-outplacement assistance programme, while you are still working.   He will help you update your CV, prepare for job interviews and negotiate the terms of your departure in order to provide you with greater opportunities for your next role

2. Amicable Negotiations for a leaving package

Once you have found a new role, you can focus on negotiating your departure. A consultant specialized in negotiation management will guide you all the way through the process up to the actual receipt of your financial package. This negotiation will allow you to start your new job in a financially secure position.

3. Support with job hunting

In situations where you are not able to find a suitable new role, but managed to negotiate your leaving contract, we will continue to support you following the Phase 1 pre-outplacement programme to ensure that you have all the necessary tools to find a role which matches your career objectives.

Get & Leave ©, a very innovative offer!

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