10 reasons why you should trust us

The 10 reasons why NegoAndCo clients have chosen us: 

picto livres1. The company was established in 2004

2. Many senior executives have used our discrete and highly specialised services.

3. The company was established on the basis of the personal experiences of the founder.

4. NegoAndCo aims to address the balance of power between executives and companies and ensure via a negotiation process that individuals receive appropriate compensation as this need is often poorly recognized within the current legal framework.

picto expérience 10 ans5. The company has had an ISQ / OPQCM qualification since 2009, which reflects the quality of its consulting services.  This qualification also reflects our confidentiality and liability commitments.

6. NegoAndCo consultants have all experienced situations of job dismissal with their employer and therefore have first-hand knowledge of these situations.

7. . The consultants are trained to use the NegoAndCo approach which has easily proven itself. Our methodology allows us to achieve successful negotiated agreements and systematically avoid litigation.

picto ministere recherche8. NegoAndCo received recognition from the French Ministry of Research in 2008 for its work on negotiation with Executives/Employers. It is not an approach with has been imported from Harvard or elsewhere but specific research which takes into account our corporate and working culture.

9. Each consultant has a specialty, which allows our clients to feel confident that they are receiving advice from a specialist who really understands their concerns.

picto méthodologie10. . More and more of our clients are either not French or based outside France.


So you can truly trust us.