monter son entreprise

Our philosophy

To grow and outperform the competition, a company regularly needs to reorganise

To do this, it needs to frequently adjust its production criteria, which includes men and women within the company. If a company does not reorganise, it may lose market share and ultimately find itself in economic difficulties that could result in job losses.

This said, decisions regarding the company's future direction can't be made without consideration of the employees themselves.

In a company reorganization, employees can't be disposed of in the same way as 'machines to be scrapped' particularly when the situation is unrelated to the performance of the employee. However, legally there is little compensation for senior executives who find themselves in these situations.

Our objective is to restore the relationship between Senior Managers/Executives and their companies, to ensure that they have sufficient leverage to negotiate structured and amicable agreements with their companies.

Our business helps employees who are undergoing job dismissal situations to find the right leverage and correct methods in order to reach a mutual agreement with their company.  This gives them additional security and confidence when finding future roles.