Our origins

thierry krief

Job dismissal negotiations, personally experienced 4 times ...

Thierry KRIEF has devoted much of his professional life to the practice of commercial negotiations. 

Between 1999 and 2002, while working as a senior manager and executive in the IT sector, he was dismissed 4 times for reasons completely independent of the quality of his work (Reorganization, mergers, ... in rapidly changing industries).

He used an employment law specialist to help him but quickly, realized that the negotiations needed to cover more than purely legal aspects.

He used this experience to ...

Using the lessons of previous experience, he was able to strongly negotiate each time he begun or completed an employment contract, to such an extent that during his last dismissal while still on probation, the discussion regarding compensation was limited to the application of the relevant clauses signed in hiring.

He noticed that while people around him continued to have their employment contract issues mediated using Industrial Tribunals (the French Prud'Hommes), he himself had managed in a very short time, to agree mutual dismissal clauses and maintain good relationships with his former employers.

"Cadres, ne vous laissez plus faire"...

He wrote his first book to tell his unusual story "Cadres, ne vous laissez plus faire " - Managers, stop being abused by your company- published by Editions Dunod  in November 2003. Following this book, he was contacted for advice by a number of executives until someone told him " Mr. Krief, I should really pay you for this advice!". 

And so, NegoAndCo was set up in February 2004.